In my twenties, I discovered the joy and benefits of yoga and practiced several years. Remembering the peace and calm that yoga affords, I came back to yoga eleven years ago. This time I know that my practice will be life-long; in 2009 I was compelled to take yoga-instructor training to both deepen my own practice and share with others the mind and body connection of yoga.

Now, as the owner and instructor of Yoga Spring, I currently teach a weekly class in Edmonds, WA. I’m also a substitute instructor at Whole Life Yoga in Seattle, and schedule private and semi-private sessions. I encourage each student to listen to their body and with my instruction, make it their practice.

Through adaptations and modifications, I believe that anyone can do yoga and further enhance their well-being. Each student is unique, as is each day they practice. With mindful use of the breath — linking each movement with an inhale or an exhale — you can enjoy the quiet calm of a mind and body connection.

Yoga with Jeanne is a relaxing interlude in my otherwise full schedule. I have a feeling of peacefulness come over me the minute I walk in the studio.
Cindi C., Lynnwood, WA

Jeanne’s classes are calming, welcoming, supportive and encouraging.  I love her voice, it’s soft and gently coaches/suggests adjustments in a way that floats in, rather than interrupts. She meticulously explains each pose and continually suggests ways to either modify or intensify.
Kim R., Edmonds, WA


200-hour certification; trained in the Viniyoga tradition by Tracy Weber, owner and founder of Whole Life Yoga in Seattle and a certified yoga instructor and yoga therapist.

Continuing-education efforts have included a five-day examination of optimal health with Gary Kraftsow (an internationally known educator in the Viniyoga lineage), and consistent participation in Tracy Weber’s Yoga for Yoga Teachers, a program that examines in-depth specific yoga principals and relevant topics such as Expanding Your Awareness Through Backbends, Yoga for Low Back Pain, and Yoga for Anxiety and Depression.

My students are also a valuable source of on-going knowledge. Watching and listening to students not only informs me of what’s appropriate for students as individuals, but it also enhances my awareness of what fosters students’ experience of the present moment and the yoga environment that allows them to grow with support and acceptance.
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