Yoga Spring’s teaching format has evolved to one that encourages students to choose from a variety of specific-focus sessions, workshops, series, and events. You can choose or request offerings that most directly speak to your heart, interest, needs, and budget.

For example, maybe you have a few friends new to yoga that would enjoy a three-part Yoga Basics series. Or, perhaps you’d like to focus on and improve your balance in a private session(s). Together we determine the class intent, number of students, class days and times, and the price.

I encourage student reflection and participation as we discuss and outline the poses that will enrich their wellness and lives.

Taught in the Viniyoga tradition and sequenced purposefully, our movement is informed and guided by our breath to integrate the entire body in a smooth and elegant manner.

No matter what the focus or student experience level, options that can modify a pose to be less-strong or stronger are offered throughout the instruction so students can choose the adaptation that best meets the needs of their age, body, mood, and energy level on that day.

And as your practice deepens beyond physical movement, you’ll come to know the connect

edness, awareness, and love that this is yoga.

Yoga is like breathing fresh air. I look forward to class each week.
Jeanne does such a great job directing our class and keeping things
interesting and calming. –Susie C., Edmonds, WA

Whenever I visit Seattle I attend Jeanne’s class. I love her
instruction and it’s a travel ritual I would never miss!
–Kristine T., Gualala, CA












Private Sessions

If you prefer a private setting, please contact me. We’ll discuss your desired yoga focus, length and number of classes, schedule, and fee.

Yoga With Friends

Have you ever considered treating your friends to a yoga class? Or maybe your co-workers or book-club would like to learn and/or practice yoga together. As with private sessions, we create the yoga program that speaks to the intent and concerns of your group, number of sessions, and budget.

Gift of Yoga

If you know someone who does yoga or has expressed an interest in learni

ng it, yoga makes a thoughtful, beautiful gift. Any type or number of yoga classes can be designed around what you’d like to spend.

I have been attending Jeanne’s Viniyoga class for four years and have found it very helpful in keeping me limber, balanced physically and emotionally, and centered. Her class is gentle and allows for a moving meditation that quiets my mind.
Maureen R., Edmonds, WA




What You’ll Need

Mats, blankets, and blocks are available, or you may bring your own.


Daylight Healing Center
7907 – 212th St. S.W., Suite 101
(across from Edmonds – Woodway High School playfield)
Edmonds, WA

Note: depending on the nature and duration of desired instruction, other location options maybe discussed.

Class Fees

Class fees are determined according to number of student(s), length and type of class(es), and desired focus. For example, a three-part Introduction to Yoga series may cost less than two private sessions with a specific focus.


We will schedule a specific practice time for your group or private instruction. Please arrive several minutes early to allow time for sign-in and set-up, particularly at your first class with Yoga Spring.

Yoga Spring classes (and private instruction) are suitable for most individuals who are mobile and have an overall basic level of physical fitness. Potential new students who may be working with physical challenges or injuries, please contact me prior to attending so we can gauge if the class or session will be a beneficial yoga option for you.


Saturday morning classes, taught in the Viniyoga tradition, consist of basic postures that showcase linking breath with movement and increase the mobility of the spine through poses that incorporate extensions, lateral bends, twists (no pretzels!), gentle backbends, and forward bends. 

All levels are welcome! Throughout class I offer options that can make a pose less-strong or stronger, so you can choose the adaptation that best meets the needs of your age, body, mood, and energy level on that day.Poses are sequenced purposefully to integrate the entire body in an efficient and elegant manner. Each class includes familiar postures, with the gradual introduction of new postures and/or modifications.

If desired, I’m happy to suggest a few basic, simple movements that you can practice out-of-class.

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