Yoga Spring provides a quiet, peaceful setting where you

can nurture your body, open your heart, and quiet your mind. We

practice continuous breath and body awareness and approach our

postures with compassion and gentleness rather than judgment.can

learn and grow.

I find that yoga counteracts the negative results of the positions and movements we do in our daily lives. Jeanne gently guides us to work at our own level with poses designed to stretch, strengthen, and stabilize muscles. I leave class feeling refreshed in mind and body.
–Kathy B., Kenmore WA




Postures are sequenced in an elegant, simple, and harmonious order

and placed with purpose to create an overall, integrated practice.

Whether it’s a slow-paced, grounding YIN sequence, or stronger

poses mindfully grouped to develop muscle tone, you’ll be offered

modifications throughout class so you can adapt your practice to

your body and what it needs on that particular day.

I truly appreciate Yoga Spring. Thank you Jeanne!! As a golfer, my overall flexibility has improved, and specifically, my driving distance has improved by at least 15 yards…Yeah Baby!
–Mike G., Kirkland WA




Anyone can realize the quiet mind and balance of yoga. I invite you

to step onto your mat and see where your practice takes you.

If you must look back, do so forgivingly.

If you must look forward, do so prayerfully.

However, the wisest thing you can do is be present

in the present…gratefully.
–Maya Angelou

Yoga Spring classes (and private instruction) are suitable for most individuals who are mobile and have an overall basic level of physical fitness. Potential new students who may be working with physical challenges or injuries, please contact me prior to attending so we can gauge if the class or session will be a beneficial yoga option for you.
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Anyone can realize the quiet mind and balance of yoga. I